2017 Endless Summer Cruisin Ocean City

Endless Summer CRUISIN 2017 car show event.  Our Tri-County Cruisers Rod & Custom Car Club members and friends came home with trophies once again!

            What a wonderful week that began on Wednesday, October 4th as we headed to Ocean City’s Convention Center.  Once there at the convention center and all checked in…. carpets were down and the vehicles were backed into place and the individual displays were set-up.  Our club and friends were ready for the show to begin.  Cars were staged in their designated spots within the convention hall, personalized displays were set up around their vehicles to reflect their story about their car or truck.  Once the other vehicles rolled in to find their designated spots and set up their displays… all were ready for the show to begin by Thursday, and to continue October 5 thru the 7th.  Bring on the JUDGES and the PUBLIC !

            The show officially opened to the public on Thursday, but on the streets, at restaurants and shopping malls, one couldn’t help know that this was a Car Show Week in Ocean City!  Many outstanding cars paraded down the boardwalk each morning to the inlet for an additional part of Endless Summer Cruisin in Ocean City.  So, there was the show at the convention center, at malls as well as at the inlet or outside the convention center itself at different times each day.  There were trophies presented at many of these locations.

By Friday, The Golden Touch Band from Delaware complimented these gorgeous machines with their ‘50s hits.  A few jumped up and danced, you couldn’t help it, they were great and these vehicles were the perfect background for their music!

            The final day for the awards to be presented to those that displayed their cars and trucks inside the convention hall was Saturday, October 7th.  As it grew closer to 3:00 p.m., rodders moved their chairs up around the stage area in view of the many trophies being unpacked and placed on the tables….waiting for the announcer to begin the presentations.  This is the moment that can really make your pulse change its pace.

            Engraved on all the trophies on a gold plate:  37th Annual Hot Rod & Custom Car Show

                                  Endless Summer Cruisin 2017

                                  Ocean City Maryland

                                 Outstanding Show Award (number of outside shows at the inlet)

The seal at the top of the trophies:      20th Annual Endless Summer Ocean City Maryland (This is for the number of years under the title (Endless Summer) both of these titles were on each trophy)

            There were some give away drawings to warm everyone up and let the stragglers get their chairs near the stage area.  The moment came and it was announced that the presentation of trophies was to begin.  Through the excitement of the moment we heard one after another of our club members and friends names called.  Photos were quickly snapped by the program photographer as well as family and friends of the awardees!  It was a fast paced process full of cheers and joy for so many of our members and circle of friends (others were called in between our own winners).

Our winners were as follows:

            First Runner up ‘60’s Series – Paul Harris and his ’70 Cord

            Best Appearing ‘70’s – 80’s Series – Tony Hall and his ’84 El Camino

            Best Appearing ‘60’s Series – Roger Hamilton and his ’69 Camaro

            Best Appearing Street Rod Series – Steve Padgett with his ’32 Ford

            First Runner up Truck ‘60’s Series – Bill Bushey with his ’69 Econoline

            First Runner up Truck ‘40’s Series – Doris Harris with her ’49 Dodge

            First Runner up Conservative Chevy’s ‘60’s Series – Lawrence Morris with his ’55 BelAir