August 26, 2017 12th Annual Cruzin Main St.

The Marlboro Vol. Fire Dept. & Ledo Pizza Host 12th Annual Cruzin Main St. Car, Truck & Bike Show Benefiting Marlboro VFD & Lions Club of Upper Marlboro

Old Town Upper Marlboro on Main Street on a Saturday, August 26, 2017 is a busy little town.  The Marlboro Volunteer Fire Dept. & Ledo Pizza Host a “Cruzin Main Street” Car, Truck & Bike Show benefiting Marlboro VFD & Lions Club of Upper Marlboro. 

It was a sight to see, from 3:30 til near 4:30 p.m., as the Tri-County Cruisers’ streamed into the parking lot off Water Street.  A few rodders and cyclists were already there from other clubs or on their own, anxious for the show to begin.  Other rodders continually entered to await lining up to enter Main Street in Old Town Upper Marlboro and stage their rods on that Main Street.

Main Street is closed down to traffic by 4 p.m., the moment has arrived and the excitement builds as rodders and cyclist are waved out of the Water Street parking area and flagged by various fire department and Lions’ club volunteers to areas up and down Main Street.  The rodders staged their rods at an angle and put their registration form in their front window.  To be judged:  hoods and trucks up!  The rods were pouring in…one after another…there would be a break and then more would stream in.   Main Street filled up!  The Rods had to be staged in an overflow lot on another street!  The show had a great turnout for this small main street in town! 

Now most rods were staged, a few were still drifting in, even after dark, but to show people, that doesn’t matter.  The DJ was playing Oldies Music in the background over the sound system.  Those favorite songs drifted down Main Street, setting the mood of the 50’s with great rods and bikes to look at, the more the better.  The public also came in to view the amazing variety of show cars and bikes!  However, as soon as most of the staging was in place the judges are at their arduous task, completing a judging sheet for each of those rods and bikes that were registered.  Points were given for wheels and tires, engine, trunk, interior, exterior body appearance (paint job), etc.  The total points from each of the judged parts of the rod were totaled at the top of the sheet.  All sheets were picked up from the street judges from time to time and taken to the main judges’ tent.

Some owners had their chairs and were seated near their rod talking with other rodders or people just walking down the street in awe of some of these amazing machines, as the judging was taking place.  The rodders were anticipating how their rod would do in the judges’ eye as the sun was going down casting an awesome light on some of the paint jobs?  The suspense began through the time to bring chairs up to the DJ’s area for the show awards to be announced and built as the trophy winners were announced.

Of the many winners our own Tri-County Cruisers’, Larry Mills with his ’55 Chevy BelAir took the Ledo’s Pizza Award for the Best ’55!  Ledo’s selects a ’55 each year to celebrate their beginning in 1955!


Other Tri-County Cruisers that came away with Best of Show trophies were:  Tony Hall’s ’84 El Camino, Ron Gregory’s ’67 Lincoln Continental, and Allen Swann’s ’73 Corvette.


Many thanks to our own Jay Tucker (a Tri-County Cruiser as well as a member of the Upper Marlboro Volunteer Fire Department and Chairman for the Fire Commission of Prince George’s County and Jeff Wyvill of the Upper Marlboro Lyons Club both helped coordinate this event there in Upper Marlboro!


Larry Mills – ’55 Chevy BelAir

2017 Larry Mills '55 BelAir Hard Top

2017 Tony Hall – ’84 El Camino

8 26 17 Tony Hall Upper Marlboro 4

2017 Ron Gregory – ’67 Lincoln Continental 1

2017 Allen Swann – ’73 Corvette

Upper Marlboro Show Flyer