September 30, 2017 Remembering Aquasco

Check out the flyer…Saturday Saturday Saturday…sound familiar?  Remembering Aquasco!  What an afternoon for so many car enthusiast, particularly those with memories of the past times at Aquasco Raceway.  Well, several of our Tri-County Cruisers, one in particular, hit the Jack Pot!  Larry Mills with his ’41 Willys came away with THREE trophies!  Well earned:  TOP 5 RACER  next, BEST IN SHOW, and still another win with Best Paint!  How cool is that?

Mike & Rosie Tompkins’ ’69 Camaro came away with a Top 5 Trophy as another of our Tri-County Cruisers gets a win! Way to go…what a Saturday afternoon at the Brandywine Fire House Annex.  The place was jumping with memories, tales of the past and one particular past to present memory, none other than Butch Mori, part of the Mori Brothers team with their famous “Chev Wagon.”  Can’t you just imagine hearing the echo of that machine being announced down on the line as the colored lights were about to flash down to a GREEN for GO!  Just thinking about it, one can smell the flumes and the rubber from those spinning wheels as they get the traction to explode down that strip waging talent as a driver, workmanship on their machines’ dynamic’s as well as their skill building their engine!  You would just hold your breath and strain to see and then hear the winner and his time!  What memories, what skill was seen on that track!


Background Photos for the story:

Event Flyer

Larry Mills standing beside his ’41 Willys with all three trophies

Mike Tompkins as he was leaving in he and Rosie’s ’69 all original Camaro

Mori Brothers Famous “Chev Wagon”

Butch Mori – second from the left & group of friends around him